Splitter line Stage Line LS-280/SW

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Splitter line Stage Line LS-280/SW

8-way line splitter
  • 2 separate inputs
  • Selectable operating modes:
  • 1. input A to 4 outputs,
  • input B to 4 outputs
  • 2. input A to 8 outputs
  • XLR connection and gain control for each input and output
  • Signal and peak indication for the inputs via dual LEDs


Frequency range20-20,000 Hz
Input signal100 mV
Input impedance15 kΩ
Output signal1 V
Output impedance100 Ω
S/N ratio70 dB, unweighted
THD< 0.03%
Admiss. ambient temp.0-40 °C
Power supply~ 230 V/50 Hz/10 VA
Dimensions482 x 48 x 205 mm, 1 RS
Weight2.3 kg
Inputs2 x XLR
Outputs8 x XLR


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Splitter line Stage Line LS-280/SW

Splitter line Stage Line LS-280/SW

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