Sursa phantom power DAP Audio SC-22

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Sursa phantom power DAP Audio SC-22

The SC-22 is intended for sending unbalanced signals (up to +40 dB) to a mixing console or other professional input devices. The unit has no transformer, so stray filed pick-up is non-existent. The SC-22 is powered by standard microphone phantom power from 9-48 VDC and uses discrete low-noise differential drivers to avoid noise. The unit has two 1/4" input jacks wired in parallel, a male XLR output jack, a ground-lift switch, and a three position attenuator switch.

The DAP StageCubes are a complete line-up of audio tools for the professional stage artist. The stagecubes cover a complete series of audio modifying tools like mini-mixers, pre-amps and patching boxes. All cubes are designed to meet the highest stage and on-the-road demands and feature a metal impact resistant housing and easy accessible controls. The units also have a very small footprint - therefore, they can be used and placed in any environment where space is critical.


Input Level: -10 to + 40 dB unbalanced
Output level: -10 to + 2 dB balanced
(XLR) male (Pin 2+)
Bandwidth: 1 Hz - 50 kHz
S/N-Ratio: 100 dB
Jack: (2) 1/4" Phone, (I) XLR (male)
Controls: attenuated switch,
ground lift switch
Power: 9-48 VDC Phantom
Dimensions: 95 x 73 x 40 mm (LxWxH)
Weight: 0,29 kg

Sensibilitate (dB) : 100
Dimensiune (mm) : 95 x 73 x 40
Greutate (kg) : 0.3
Unitate vinzare : buc

Manual PDFManual PDF

Data sheet

Sensibilitate (dB) 100.00
Dimensiune (mm) 95.00


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Sursa phantom power DAP Audio SC-22

Sursa phantom power DAP Audio SC-22

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