Moving head LED Infinity S201 Spot

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Moving head LED Infinity S201 Spot

Furion Series
Moving Heads Spots




Lux @ 5m 12°: 11345
Lux @ 5m 30°: 2296
Beam Angle: 12° - 30°
Light Source: 150W White LED (LumiEngin)
Colour temperature: 7500K

Input Voltage: 100~240VAC, 50/60Hz
Power consumption: 330W max. at full output

On-Board: Battery powered fixture orientated touch display
Mode: DMX, Stand Alone, Manual
Control Protocol: DMX, WDMX, RDM, sACN, Art-Net
Control Personality: Advanced /Basic /User
Wireless DMX: Wireless Solutions Sweden

Optical system
Dimmer: 16Bit, 0-100%
Selectable PWM: 0,6 / 1,5 / 2 / 4 / 6 / 15 kHz
Strobe: 0-20Hz
Focus: Motorized, autofocus
Zoom: 8 or 16 Bit Motorized
Prism: 3-facet circular rotating prism
Animation: Digital motion FX

Pan: 540°
Tilt: 270°
Pan/Tilt resolution: 16 bit
Special: Pan invert depending on fixture orientation

Gobos & Colours
Gobowheel 1: Rotating , 6 Glass
Gobowheel 2: Static, 8 Metal
Gobo functions: Gobo-flow effect,Gobo shake
Gobo Rotation: Bi-directional
Gobo Index: 8 or 16 Bit
Gobo inner diameter: 22.5 mm
Gobo outer diameter: 25.8 mm
Colourwheel 1: 7 dichroic-filters + white
Colourwheel 2: 7 dichroic-filters + white
Colour functions: Split colours, Rainbow-flow effect

Colour: Black
Housing: Metal & Flame-retardant plastic
Data Connection: Neutrik XLR 5p & RJ-45 in- & output
Power connection: Neutrik Powercon True1 in- & output
Dimensions (WxDxH): 285 x 390 x 570 mm
Weight: 20.30Kg

Certification and Safety
Certification: CE
Max. ambient Temp.: 40°C

For the Furion Series, engineered by professionals for professionals, Infinity developed a new advanced technology to receive the best possible performance and motor control with which you will be able to produce very fast as well as very slow, precise movements. You do not have to choose between fast or slow mode anymore. All Furion fixtures are equipped with a gravity sensor which controls not only the orientation within the menu but, if so desired, also inverts automatically the Pan movement. A very nifty setting for set-ups where various units are being used standing up or rigged down. Furion excels in a state of the art 16-bit LED dimming which makes flicker-free dimming until the lowest value possible but also recognizes when the user needs an instant flash. Through 16-bit technology, positioning prisms and gobos becomes very precise, also controlling all the dynamic effects these units have to offer is a breeze. A user friendly, battery backed-up, menu with touchscreen ensures easy addressing for arranging all the desired settings. Some of the features which can be found on every Furion model are: WMDX by Wireless Solution, Artnet, sACN & RDN. Furion stays connected through the use of Ethernet in- and outputs, sturdy Neutrik Powercon True1 and Neutrik 5p DMX connectors. User defined channel modes are also standard features on each unit. You can even run a quick diagnostic check while the unit itself is still in its flightcase. If you are looking for a real workhorse which delivers every single time and looks amazing while doing it, its name is Furion.

Presenting: the Furion S201 Spot. With a 1:2.5 zoom ratio from 12º to 30º. Featuring a double colourwheel with a grand total of 14 colours. If you want to make the most amazing mid-air effects or project the wildest visuals, a marvelous goboset of 6 rotating glass and 8 fixed metal gobos is at your service. Equipped with Digital Motion FX to generate effects on top of the gobo set for even more dramatic projections.

The optics are top notch, extremely fast and precise to ensure the best morphing possibilities. With the auto focus function your projection will always be crystal clear. The Furion S201 Spot is capable of very fast movements but will also stay very smooth while slowing down and even with abrupt stops.



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